The ideal service for business people and for people who value their time and tranquility can be a great complementary option to your traveling.

First, your personal assistant from our team will contact you.

He will help you with all the information and will accompany you immediately after your arrival.

You can pass through all the routine procedures fast and without any queues.

Then you can have some rest calmly in the private parlor, while your assistant will help you take your luggage and put it into the car.

We also recommend you to rent a car in BlackLimousines Zurich branch.

It is really a good alternative to a local taxi because we have nice competitive prices.

You can avoid wasting more time for the search of a really decent and high-quality vehicle.

Also, during your departures you spend the time of routine procedures in the VIP terminal, avoiding all queues.

Then you move into a private parlor where you can wait for your flight in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the peace and refreshments, watching TV or having good time with the Internet.

We are ready to accept and consider all your necessary additional wishes, please call us and find out more.