Zurich, a wonderful Swiss town, known for its banks, attracts tourists with its restrained richness and historical heritage.

This is a town of quiet luxury, where even the time goes slowly, as if it is subject only to the finance the world.

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No wonder Switzerland is famous for its accurate watches, which you can find at the museum hours Uhrenmuseum Beyer.

There are also museums of the masterpieces of the world art, where you can admire the works by Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso and so on.

Zürich is rich in its gardens, parks and galleries, but you can also climb to the top of Mount Uetliberg and sit there in the cozy restaurant with a wonderful aromatic coffee, looking at the city below.

Having admired the famous Lake Zurich, you can head to the real Roman baths and feel there as a patrician.

Zurich has 1800 different restaurants, trendy cafes and entertainment venues.

Luxury hotels to suit every taste compete for the right to be the best in the world and stylish shop windows are in a hurry to impress their discerning visitors with fashionable novelties of the season.

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