VIP Ultimate Service is an option for people who know their worth and value their time and perfection in everything.

Limousine Service Zurich offers to make your trip truly excellent and with unlimited comfort.

You will be met upon arrival and then you will be escorted to the private hall where you will pass a routine identity check.

Here you will get some drinks, snacks, the Internet and other services while an assistant will get your luggage and put it into the car, preselected by you and already waiting for you there.

Then you will be accompanied to the luxurious limousine for a trip to the hotel.

Your luggage will follow you with your personal assistant to your room.

The same service is available at the time of your departure.

The limousine will be waiting for you near your hotel and your assistant will help you to put your luggage into the car.

You can enjoy the city through the windows of the car while your driver quickly and gently gets you to the airport.

You will be taken to a private VIP parlor, where you will pass the formalities, and then you will wait for your departure in a carefree and relaxed atmosphere, with some drinks and snacks offered.

There you will be able to use the internet and other necessary office equipment or you can simply relax and watch TV.

Beyond that when the time of your flight comes your assistant will escort you to the car.

And only when the person from our team checks that everything is OK, you will be taken to the aircraft for a safe flight.